Thanksgiving 2013

Thank you founders – for being the only human part of this very silicon valley.

Thank you Palo Alto – for balancing out bespoke SF hipsterdom with your suburban ambitions.

Thank you Bitcoin – whether you go to 1 or 1000, for making us think different.

Thank you iOS7 – for your blurs, typography, and monopolistic emotion.

Thank you Android – for trying to get better each year.

Thank you 101 – for carrying greed and dreams across our tech favela.

Thank you VCs – for believing code and data can manipulate everything.

Thank you twitter – for occasionally you let us glimpse other real worlds and when you do, it is magic.

Thank you digital robber barons – for not even pretending to care about the rest of us techno-serfs.

Thank you silicon valley – for one more bubble.

Thank you.