Future posts

A somewhat random list of topics I am working on. Please feel free to contact me at @rohit_x_ if you’d like to collaborate on a post.


  • On Twitter’s next five years: A post on a possible picture of the web with Twitter as the underlying communications bus. A series of what-ifs on infrastructure and impact
  • On Building Games on top of Twitter – because thats where the users are.
  • On Twitter TV. I believe the real-estate + user engagement for twitter-on-web is a near-ideal place for television streaming. A default CNN style all news all the time in lower left + various promoted channel$. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just type @BBC and see BBC stream (HD) show up in the lower left.
  • On the new wave of push-commerce. Curation, Creativity, and Commerce. Examining ‘where the cool things are’ including pinterest (of course), redbubble, wanelo, fab, modcloth, shoedazzle, westelm, gilt, one kings lane, getwear,…
  • On education – are we teaching our kids what they need to reinvent their world and themselves? Creativity, Flexibility, and Failure as a building block.
  • On @500’s global ambitions – surfing the waves created by the upheaval wrought by the web and internet worldwide.
  • On Advisors – how to choose Advisors for a startup and how to be an effective advisor in turn.
  • On How to communicate with a startup raising money or in which Rohit’s asynchronous behaviour with Upverter taught him a crucial lesson in timely communications.
  • On Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow – an excellent book that I need to read all over again after a first reading over the holidays. Not so much a review of the book but a specific list of learnings for founders and early stage startups.
  • On Canada – an attempt to answer why the great canadian schools do not generate a great entrepreneurial eco-system.
  • On giving – share sooner, make a difference. socially responsible giving is not a retirement activity.
  • Thoughts on a new architecture for cities – walkable, workable, and suburb-free. Inspiration de Certeau’s Practice of Everyday Life.
  • On wanting a new mobile broadband carrier – phone free. Offload mobile-app data in to fb, twitter, google data centers vs. deep-carrier network.
  • What I learnt from ONI Systems. An education in five years from naive grad student to CTO of a public company. Hint: Every employee was a teacher.
  • On my plans for flying a Single Engine airplane from Palo Alto to Chandigarh, India. Routes.
  • On my plans for an overland journey from Shanghai to India.

Carol Dweck and the “Growth Mindset” and how it is very applicable to build-test-fail cycle till rinse/repeat success.


Founders, causality, and karma