What does mobile mean to me?

There is much excitement, rightly so, about all things mobile.

Mobile to me means native mobile. Not mobile-first, not mobile-focused, not mobile-optimized, but an experience you deliver that cannot be delivered in any other medium.

iPhone and later Android drove the initial cracks and now the tectonic shift is splitting apart the pangaea in to new continents. Instagram was the first exciting mobile company that wasn’t just an app – such a shame they sold out early before they threatened other social platforms. SnapChat is immensely exciting because it is a new and mobile-only behavior and experience. Uber is fast becoming the very definition of importance of delivering a unique experience – on mobile – and eliminating all other friction (Phone calls, reservations, card entry, opaque delivery,…) from this experience.

Pradeep Elankumaran, co-founder & CEO of Kicksend, recently tweeted out a series of great rules to think about app-commerce.Pradeep-AppCommerce

App-commerce is one of the new mobile segments appearing in this new native mobile landscape resulting from said tectonic shifts. Transactional engines riding on top of fast growth.

These kind of innovations in design, experience, growth, and delivery are going to define our brave new mobile world. As for all that’s legacy-web, we’re fast approaching Fahrenheit 451.